Hohner Harmonicas

Hohner Harmonicas
Blues Harp 7
64 Chromonica Chromatic
Special 20
Special 20 Diatonic
Blues Harp
Blues Band
Golden Melody
Chrometta 8
Marine Band
Pro Harp
Steven Tyler Signature
Echo 55
Vineta 4

Hohner 64 Chromonica Chromatic Harmonicas

64 Chromonica Chromatic

While harmonicas appeal to players on all ages and skill levels, some harmonicas are better left to the professionals or at least semi-professionals. The 64 Chromonica Chromatic harmonicas are frequently used by professional musicians. The 64 Chromonica Chromatic harmonicas are primarily used in the classical and jazz fields, but they are also popular with blues, folk, rock and pop musicians as well.

The crossover appeal of the 64 Chromonica Chromatic harmonica is partly due to its versatility. One of its features is an extra octave in the lower register below middle C. This extra feature allows the musician to play a more advanced repertoire. The chromatic harmonicas include 12-note octaves with all the sharps and flats which increases the versatility of the harmonica. Increased versatility allows musicians to play a greater variety of music and be more creative with their preferred style of music.

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